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I have, so far, located 36 museums in Southland but I know there are more. Please help by letting me know if you have visited a museum that is not currently listed here. Thank you!

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seeking visitor host (fixed term) for soled out

Job Description:

Duties and Responsibilities – Visitor Host (fixed-term)

The Visitor Host is responsible for the reception of visitors throughout the duration of the Soled Out exhibition – 16th November 2018 to the 10th February 2019. The Visitor Host will, alongside the Assistant Visitor Host (intern), ensure visitors are provided with an engaging and informative experience. The VH will also participate in the facilitation and implementation of any education/outreach activities and monitor the safety and security of the collection.

Responsibility for managing staff

Direct reports: Intern – Assistant Visitor Host

Financial authority

As per delegated authority

Reports to

Kathryn McCully (Southland Art Society)

·Provide professional and engaging, high level customer service to Soled Out visitors.

·Respond to any enquiries and refer as appropriate in a timely manner both while in gallery and via email, social media and other online platforms.

·Promote Soled Out and its associated retail, education/outreach activities etc. via social media and other online platforms on a regular basis.

·Liaise with media to maximise opportunities for publicity.

·Provide hospitality, entertainment and educational services related to the Soled Out exhibition as required. Liaise with guest speakers, visitor groups (e.g. schools and other organisations that may be interested in a group visit) and ensure events/activities are well attended and managed.

·Ensure space is safe, secure, clean and well presented to visitors at all times. Immediately report any issues associated with the safety and security of the collection.

·Maintain a high level of knowledge about the Soled Out exhibition to facilitate a high level of visitor engagement.

·Document visitor numbers and encourage visitors to undertake short visitor surveys.

·Manage the Assistant Visitor Host. Liaise regarding visitor enquiries, education and outreach activities e.g. group visits, guest talks etc. and any space maintenance and/or security issues.

·Adhere to Health and Safety requirements ensuring the safety of yourself and others. Report any risks or hazards immediately to your supervisor.

·Manage artwork sales as appropriate.

·Ensure technology is fully functional to ensure the best possible visitor experience. Report all faults to supervisor immediately.

Key relationships - internal

·DIY Museum

·Southland Art Society

·Assistant Visitor Host (Intern)

·Classic Motorcycle Mecca Events Operation Manager

 Key relationships – external

·Soled Out visitors

·Soled Out guest speakers/presenters etc.


·Community Groups


 Knowledge, skills & attributes

·Strong, demonstrated customer service skills.

·Interest and passion for engaging visitors with arts and cultural experiences.

·Understanding of the role of popular culture, and in particular sneakers and streetwear, in the repertoire of youth.

·Self-motivation and demonstrated reliability.

·Able to effectively communicate with a diversity of people.

·Responsive to needs of visitors.

·Social media and promotional skills.

girl with a pounamu earring


Supporting Emerging and Established Artists in Southland and New Zealand

There has been a steady flow of visitors to Raw Gallery in Don Street Invercargill to view the 2018 ILT Art Awards Exhibition.  The ILT Art Awards are a significant Arts Award open to people from all over New Zealand and include a special award for a People’s Choice.   The People’s Choice Award was drawn on the 31st August at Raw Gallery.  There were close to 500 votes counted and votes received for nearly every piece of artwork in the gallery. Over 50% of visitors voted when visiting the exhibition.  This demonstrates how much the ILT Art Awards have been enjoyed by our community  and demonstrates the diversity of taste and appreciation for all the artwork in the exhibition. 

The ILT Art Award People’s Choice is awarded to Artist: Chiaroni for The Girl with a Pounamu Earring.  The Southland Arts Society would like to congratulate Greg McDonald (Chiaroni) on winning this award.  His work Girl with a Pounamu Earring has been very popular with visitors and we are very pleased to announce that this painting has been sold. 

The exhibition closes at 5pm on 7th September.  We hope the Southland public will come and see Girl with a Pounamu Earring (The People’s Choice Award ILT Art Award for 2018) at Raw Gallery, 25 Don Street in Invercargill.

The ILT Art Awards Exhibition 2018 has been an exhibition that has been enjoyed and appreciated by the wider public.  We are grateful for the ongoing support of the ILT to bring the exhibition and awards to our region and we are looking forward optimistically to the future.

Anna Cannon - Coordinator ILT Art Awards 2018


ILT art awards to be announced friday 3rd august


Supporting Emerging and Established Artists in Southland and New Zealand

The ILT Awards will be presented at 6 pm on 3rd August at SIT’s Raw Gallery, on Don Street, Invercargill.  The Southland Art Society is thrilled to announce that the ILT Foundation has provided funding for a Coordinator and Intern to organise this year’s award.  The event is managed by Coordinator Anna Cannon and Intern Hayley Grant.  Anna Cannon has worked in the arts in Southland since 2000, primarily as a music teacher and composer in Invercargill for many years, and more currently as an event manager and administrator based in Riverton.   Hayley Grant is a third year Bachelor of Visual Arts student at SIT.  Hayley is originally from Geraldine in South Canterbury and has been resident in Invercargill since 2011. Haley is excited to be part of the “real world” event management process in this year’s ILT Art Awards. 

This year’s awards had 76 entries from artists locally and nationally. Southland Art Society Chairperson Kathryn McCully recognizes the importance of the ILT Art Awards as an opportunity for both emerging and established artists in a diversity of media.  “With the support of the ILT, ILT Foundation and SIT, we have been able to ensure the continuance of the awards despite challenges associated with multiple arts institutions in the city closing over the past five years.  We are very grateful to the ILT and ILT Foundation for supporting the employment of a Coordinator and Intern which ensure the smooth delivery of an award which is the most significant in the Invercargill/Southland arts calendar.”

This year, all entries have been accepted into the ILT Art Awards bolstering the Society’s vision that art-making is not an exclusive activity and nor should exhibiting be. The 2018 awards are the first time the event/exhibition has been hosted outside of the City Gallery which closed in December last year.

Artist Michael Armstrong and Graphic Designer Ralph Lawrence will judge this year’s awards.  The awards offer $14,500.00 in prize money making it one of the most significant annual art awards in the country.  SIT’s Raw Gallery in Don Street will be open to the public on August 4th.  The exhibition will be open from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and from 10am-4pm on Saturdays through to September 7th.  All artwork is for sale, and admission is free.