Congratulations to the McIntyre Dick Art Awards Recipients!

McIntyre Dick & Partners, First Prize: Andrea Sexton “From Mullan’s Road”

Southland Art Society,“Best Relationship to Theme”: Rachel Mann “Oreti”

Art Supplies Southland, “Most Interesting Use of Medium": James Wilkinson “All Eventualities”

Environment Southland, “Our Environment”: Andrea Sexton “From Mullan’s Road”

Document Destruction Service, “Promising New Entrant”: Kris Thomas “The Volunteer”

Claridge & Brodrick Artisan Picture Framing, “Push the Limits”: Wayne Hill “3 Cheese Rolls…”

"The Volunteer" Oil on canvas by Kris Thomas

"The Volunteer" Oil on canvas by Kris Thomas

This is my first oil painting.  I titled it 'the volunteer' because to me she has come to represent those unpaid people behind the scenes who helped make Southland successful.  The sitter was one of a number of people around Southland who saw what I was trying to do and volunteered to be my art model. 

Volunteers are often the backbone of communities, the unsung heroes who make cheese rolls for six hours straight, collect food for the local charity, or pitch in when they see a neighbour in need.  In this portrait, I wanted to show the strength, kindness and humour needed to commit to something when you expect nothing back, when you just want to help. The straightforward stare that to says to me "right, what needs to be done?"