invercargill's city gallery forges partnerships with artists

The City Gallery is administered by the Southland Art Society which has a long history of supporting and providing a public platform for both emerging and established artists. The Gallery's latest initiative will forge partnerships with artists locally and nationally through its corporate membership scheme. The Gallery aims to create ongoing sustainable relationships with artists providing a range of opportunities to raise the profile of the visual arts in the Southland community. The Gallery will partner with businesses to bring artists to Southland (the first exhibition partnership is currently in process) and will seek to provide local businesses and their clients with access to a diversity of locally and nationally sourced art practices to showcase in their respective workplaces. The Gallery will also shortly be promoting its latest studio initiative. Within its redevelopment the Gallery has provided for five studio spaces which it anticipates will shift the Gallery's primary focus as a platform for artists to an active and productive central city hub for creative activity. In keeping with this vision the Gallery's recently appointed Public Programmes Manager Hope Wilson has been working on an expanded annual programme of exhibitions, events, workshops, forums, residencies and studio visits which sets in motion the Gallery and Society's ambitious plans to position itself as an accessible and inclusive public art space which sees itself as an advocate for and facilitator of creative community projects. This weekend the Gallery hosts Sam Mitchell who will be presenting a workshop based around her practice of painting on Perspex. The Gallery's ambitions are realised primarily through the support of its committee and members - practitioners and art lovers alike who contribute numerous hours of voluntary time and offer financial support with new initiatives. Many thanks to those who have contributed to the recent renovations, we are very grateful for the community's support in fostering a cooperative vision for the visual arts in our region. Please contact Hope Wilson at City Gallery (website link below) for further information.



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